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Here is a set of toys “Peppa’s Pig on the playground”, created by the famous American animated series “Peppa’s Pig”. The kit includes Peppa Pig, her brother George, Pig’s mother and father Pig and a big slide. The building is 26 centimeters wide, 50 centimeters long and 36 centimeters high. The piglets are freely placed on the slide and can slide down freely. The ride itself is quite spacious, extensive – there is a ladder for climbing, several descents (one of them is divided into two) and “slide-twist” at the side. All the details of the toy can be used in the game process.
Almost every element of the slide is painted in its own bright color, which is likely to please your children.
The characters and the slide are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The material is almost safe, but you need to make sure that your child does not bite off, eat, heat (for example, on fire or in very hot water) characters or the slide itself.
It is possible to order a slide with a set of characters from the cartoon “Pig Peppa” and in addition to piglets – for example, friends and teacher Peppa from her kindergarten. Also, along with the slide you can buy and other characters – adults, parents of animals. However, this order will come out a little more expensive.
A toy created by the popular animated series, will surely please your children (especially if they are fans of the cartoon) and will be able to borrow and entertain them and will be suitable for a child of any age. You can both play with children and give them the opportunity to develop their own imagination (which is probably a better option).
The product is brand new. Before sending the game set will be safely packaged. You will be able to get a toy without damage, safe and sound, and give it to children in its best form.

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