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AC DC LCD Display Professional Electric Handheld Tester Meter Digital Multimeter Multimetro Ammeter Multitester

Price: 9.61 USD

1 Set High Quality 10 pc 23# Carbon Steel Surgical Scalpel Blades + 1pc 4# Handle Scalpel DIY Cutting Tool PCB Repair

Price: 0.17 USD

LCD Digital Indoor Outdoor Window Weather Station Thermometer Hydrometer Suction Cup Kitchen Thermometers Instruments

Price: 10.92 USD

5Pairs/lot 1500V MC4 Connector Tools MC4 Spanner /Wrench for 1500V Solar System

Price: 1.16 USD

Metal Drill Bit 1.1-2.0mm Pcb Exercise Cnc Router Bit Wood Drilling Tungsten Carbide Mini Hand Drill 10pcs Engraving Drill Set

Price: 0.5 USD

20-100MM Professional Round Circle Tile Cutter Adjustable Woodworking Hole Opener Cutter Tool With Cowling

Price: 18.68 USD

Original Ultrasonic CP3000 Measurer Laser Pointer Range Finder Digital LED Display Measure Tape Laser Distance Meter Rangefinder

Price: 16.5 USD

2pcs/set Strong Internal And External Right Angle Fixation/Corner Welding Magnets / Neodymium Material Holder Twin Pack

Price: 19.13 USD

-50~110C Intelligent Digital Thermostat AC 220V 12V 24V 10A Digital Temperature Controller Regulator Switch

Price: 4.54 USD

Multi-Function Waist Bag Special For Electrician Repair 7-Pocket High-End Boutique Tool Waist Bags

Price: 13.96 USD

ALIBABA GROUP’S MISSION IS TO MAKE IT EASY TO DO BUSINESS ANYWHERE. We enable businesses to transform the way they market, sell and operate and improve their efficiencies. We provide the technology infrastructure and marketing reach to help merchants, brands and other businesses to leverage the power of new technology to engage with their users and customers and operate in a more efficient way. Our businesses are comprised of core commerce, cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, and innovation initiatives. In addition, Ant Financial, an unconsolidated related party, provides payment and financial services to consumers and merchants on our platforms. A digital economy has developed around our platforms and businesses that consists of consumers, merchants, brands, retailers, third-party service providers, strategic alliance partners and other businesses. OUR VISION We aim to build the future infrastructure of commerce. We envision that our customers will meet, work and live at Alibaba, and that we will be a company that lasts at least 102 years. Meet @ Alibaba We enable commercial and social interactions among hundreds of millions of users, between consumers and merchants, and among businesses every day. Work @ Alibaba We empower our customers with the fundamental infrastructure for commerce and new technology, so that they can build businesses and create value that can be shared among our digital economy participants. Live @ Alibaba We strive to expand our products and services to become central to the everyday lives of our customers. As we continue to expand our businesses from commerce to cloud computing, digital media and entertainment, among other sectors, Alibaba has evolved into a digital economy that is unique, energetic and innovative. By the year 2036, we aim to have served 2 billion global consumers, empowered 10 million profitable businesses and created 100 million jobs. 102 Years For a company that was founded in 1999, lasting at least 102 years means we will have spanned three centuries, an achievement that few companies can claim. Our culture, business models and systems are built to last, so that we can achieve sustainability in the long run. ALIBABA GROUP WAS FOUNDED IN 1999 BY 18 PEOPLE LED BY JACK MA, a former English teacher from Hangzhou, China. Our founders started our company to champion small businesses, in the belief that the Internet would level the playing field by enabling small enterprises to leverage innovation and technology to grow and compete more effectively in domestic and global economies.