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Hot sale FREE SHIPPING>>>>beautiful jewelry Natural Alexandrite jade Crystal pendant earring ring sets

Price: 20.85 USD

noble 7.5' light green Jades bracelet, earings, and fine dragon inlay pendant jewelry sets for party and wedding

Price: 38.5 USD


Price: 42.28 USD

W&O655 >>Turquoise 18KGP Cross Pendant & Necklace

Price: 9.69 USD

Free Shipping>>>3 rows Natural cultured black pearl necklace bracelet earrings set

Price: 46.88 USD

Super large natural pearl earrings 13-14mm 925 Silver

Price: 50.4 USD

Xinjiang Hetian jade yellow jade bracelet gold silk Gobi widened Topaz 55--64mm Fine Jewelry>>Bangle

Price: 36.99 USD


Price: 42.28 USD

men/women's fancy carve green jade Buddha bless happy ring #7,8,9

Price: 10.5 USD

Natural Red Agate Bracelet Female vision texture Red jade marrow wide fine bracelet SpongeBob Red crystal Jewelry Gift

Price: 19 USD

beautiful new natural freshwater pearl reborn keshi purple flat necklace nature 30" 20-24MM

Price: 38.99 USD

11/2" noble 925 Silver & Marcasite inlay green Natural jade Waterdrop Earrings

Price: 14.21 USD

Natural Tiny Shining labradorites stone 2-3MM Real Big Baroque 14x18MM Pendant Pearl 925 Sterling Silver clasp Choker Necklace

Price: 26.51 USD

unsex 27X33mm Solid 925 Silver Blue Natural Turquoise fashion Ring Size 7/8/9/10

Price: 14.04 USD


Price: 22.48 USD

jewelry Beautifully crafted jade bracelet pendant & earring set >>plated watch wholesale Quartz jade CZ crystal

Price: 34.63 USD

Noble Marcasite 925 Sterling Silver Luxury 28*30mm Square Natural Turquoise Pendant with chain

Price: 19.95 USD

58-60mm Certified 100% Natural Lavender Jadeite JADE Bracelet Bangle A050

Price: 128 USD

free shipping >>>>noble jewelr 10-11mm natural tahitian south sea white pearl necklace 45cm 14k

Price: 96.88 USD

22mm black keshi baroque white round freshwater pearl necklace 45inch

Price: 38 USD

New Elegant lady's big 3row 9-10mm baroque white freshwater pearl necklace 20"

Price: 30.99 USD

18K Gold Stud Earrings Jewelry Simple & Classical 10.5mm Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings Jewelrypalace in 18K Yellow Gold

Price: 283.39 USD

18 inch classic 10-11mm natural baroque freshwate cultured white pearl necklace

Price: 45.98 USD

unsex hand carving 100% natural tiger eye JADE buddha statue lucky Pendant

Price: 14.18 USD

10-13mm peacock black baroque freshwater cultured pearl necklace 50inch

Price: 28.98 USD

Vintage Blue Turquoise 925 Sterling Silver Marcasite Ring (#7-10) pendant and earrings sets

Price: 37.8 USD

Free Shipping >>turquoise necklace bracelet earring ring set fjg

Price: 42.9 USD

party! Wholesale Women's 8mm green Natural jade mixed red coral Necklace earring ring(7/8/9) jewelry set

Price: 27.54 USD

Wholesale JWEW6568 Natural White Akoya Pearl/Ruby Pendant(20X30MM) Necklace earrings set /A (A0423)

Price: 14.89 USD

Free Shipping>>>8-9MM White Freshwater PEARL NECKLACE+ EARRING 18"no box

Price: 18.88 USD

Lady's Elegant Natural oval 30*20mm Red JADE 925 Sterling Silver Marcasite Pendant

Price: 14.4 USD

lady's 57MM nice blue Jade bracelet for party and wedding new

Price: 17.9 USD

pretty 7-8mm mixed white pearl & pink jade bead + heart jade pendant necklace

Price: 18.4 USD

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