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50pcs/lot IRFP260NPBF TO-247 IRFP260N TO247 IRFP260 TO-3P new MOS FET transistor In Stock

Recommended price: 0.43 EUR

ATMEGA16A-PU AVR AVR ATmega Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 16MHz 16KB (8K x 16) FLASH 40-PDIP

Recommended price: 31.77 EUR

100% New original L6713ATR L6713

Recommended price: 16.52 EUR

10pcs/lot IRGPH50KD2 GPH50KD2 TO-247

Recommended price: 15.89 EUR

100% New original MAX4524CUB-T

Recommended price: 16.52 EUR

100% New original AD7873ACP AD7873

Recommended price: 16.52 EUR

10pcs/lot IXFX90N20Q TO-247

Recommended price: 17.75 EUR

NRF52832-QFAA-R IC RF TxRx + MCU Bluetooth, General ISM > 1GHz ANT, Bluetooth v4.1 2.4GHz 48-VFQFN Exposed Pad

Recommended price: 32.54 EUR

10pcs/lot TMP451AIDQFR TMP451 QFN 100% NEW IC

Recommended price: 15.79 EUR

Free Shipping 10pcs/lots NRF51822-QFAA NRF51822 QFN-48 IC In stock!

Recommended price: 16.53 EUR

10pcs/lot AM29BL802CB65RZE AM29BL802CB-65RZE AM29BL802CB-65 AM29BL802CB AM29BL802 SSOP56 Best quality In Stock

Recommended price: 17.21 EUR

10pcs/lot Original new for Iphone 6 6+ 6plus U2401 touch screen controller driver IC chip BCM5976 white color

Recommended price: 1.67 EUR

Free Shipping! 10pc ZigBee module (CC2530 wireless module) 2.4G glue stick antenna IPEX Interface sensor

Recommended price: 16.21 EUR

10pcs/lot MAX667ESA MAX667 SOP8 100% NEW IC

Recommended price: 16.26 EUR

10pcs/lot 338S1251-AZ power supply ic for iphone 6 6-plus 338S1251 power mangement chip

Recommended price: 1.67 EUR

10pcs/lot AM27C400-150DC AM27C400-120DC AM27C400 CDIP In Stock

Recommended price: 17.65 EUR

10pcs/lot power IC S2MPU04

Recommended price: 1.66 EUR

10pcs/lot H40R1353 IHW40R135R3 TO-247 1350V 80A

Recommended price: 15.89 EUR

100% New original IT8716F-S/DXS IT8716F IT8716

Recommended price: 16.52 EUR

10PCS/LOT FGW75N60HD 75G60HD TO-247 IGBT600V 75A

Recommended price: 16.65 EUR

10 pieces/lot FGH75T65SQD TO-247 650V 75A

Recommended price: 15.9 EUR

10pcs/lot IRFP3077 TO-247 75V 120A

Recommended price: 1.83 EUR

10PCS DWA108-A

Recommended price: 1.61 EUR

10pcs/lot for Meizu charm blue NOTE2 power supply IC MT6328V

Recommended price: 1.75 EUR

20pcs/lot MSD3393LU MSD3393 QFP new

Recommended price: 1.61 EUR

10pcs/lots NAND512W3A2SN6E NAND512W3A2SN6 NAND512W3A2 NAND512 FLASH 512MBIT TSOP48 IC

Recommended price: 1.67 EUR

MC908QC16CDZE MC908QC16CD MC908QC16 908QC16CDZE 908QC16 SOP28 20PCS

Recommended price: 34.28 EUR

10PCS/LOT MQ-5 MQ5 Liquefied natural gas city gas sensor module gas sensor

Recommended price: 18.58 EUR

100PCS/LOT CY7C63813-SXC CY7C63813-SC CY7C63813 7c63813 SOP18

Recommended price: 83.61 EUR

6pcs/lot ICM7226 ICM7226BIPL DIP-40 In Stock

Recommended price: 11.47 EUR

Free Shipping 20pcs/lots MFRC500 SOP-32 New original IC In stock!

Recommended price: 34.35 EUR

25PCS/LOT LA1781M LA1781 1781 LA1781M-MPB LQFP64

Recommended price: 48.31 EUR

10pcs/lot SGA6489 SGA6489Z SGA-6489Z IC AMP HBT SIGE 3500MHZ SOT-89

Recommended price: 16.72 EUR

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