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If you want to make an interesting gift for your baby, a bus with a picture of Peppa’s Pigs and figures of these cartoon characters. The toy is made of quality plastic and painted with special, non-toxic colors, so it is completely safe for the health of babies. The bus is notable for its nice, bright design, and the set includes all the characters of this cartoon. If your child loves this cartoon, this gift will be a real joy for him!

The bus with the image of Peppa the Pig is a great toy with a number of advantages:

bright, juicy colors;
A lot of toys in the set;
Absence of too small details;
Practicality and durability of the material;

The toy is equipped with glowing headlights, so it will be interesting and entertaining to play with even in the dark. The toy bus is resistant to damage and wear, so your baby can play with it for years to come. With this charming set you can play alone or in the company of other children, so that the toy also develops communication skills. You can seat your favorite cartoon characters in the cabin and roll them all over the house, accompanied by the sound of “b-beep” and the voices of your favorite pigs. The toy will be useful both for home use and for a group of kindergarten or development center.

Delivery of toys is made all over Russia, the cost is specified in the catalog in the description to the product. Payment is accepted in cash and by bank transfer. With a bulk order of 20 pieces, the buyer receives a 30% discount on the entire order.


Peppa Pig George pepa pig Family friends Toys Doll Real Scene Model Amusement park house PVC Action Figures new year pig toys

Peppa’s pig is the heroine of a fascinating cartoon series. Now Peppa together with his friends can be in your home. With this set you get not only the figure of the most famous pig in the world, but also her parents. All the figures in this set are made in a perfect way. At the same time, they are qualitatively painted and first-class complement each other.

Figures Peppa and her loyal friends are not all. For a full set – a large and spacious house, where you can easily put all the pigs, will be just the right time. This house has everything: living room, kitchen, bath, bedroom and Peppa’s room. All this beauty is complemented by a spacious lawn, where there is an early breakfast table, sun lounger and even a swimming pool.

For movement of Peppa and her friends you can get a toy car, which can easily fit the famous pig and its entire company. You can ride Peppa in a fast, open top car, in a minivan or in a wheelhouse. All models of cars ride perfectly and without problems contain figures of heroes.

For long journeys, a set with a large plane and four figures of pigs, Peppa and her family is available. The airplane opens easily and hospitably allows all pigs aboard. The only thing left to do is to choose the place where Peppa and her friends will fly.

In addition to traveling, Peppa must go to school. There is also a school set. It includes friends of pigs, school desks, a board and a teacher with a pointer. Everything is like in a real school. Sit the students down as you like and start the lesson.


Peppa pig George Family Pack Dad Mom Piggy teacher Action Figure Toys Original Pelucia Anime Toys Set For Kids children

What can bring more joy to a child than the bright figures of your favorite cartoon characters?

And if these toy pretty little ones are a whole family and they look as if they have left the screen or even more interesting?

After all, pigs of the Peppa family and their friends are almost like real ones. Feet and pens are movable, eyes, nose and mouth are well-drawn.

The material of the figures is polyvinylchloride. This means that you can swim in the bathroom with them, and take them with you to the country house, the beach and on a visit. Toys are of high quality and will not break. They are easy to wash, and you can prodizenfitsiruet.

Funny pig figures take up children for a long time. They come up with interesting stories and the more characters, the more interesting. Especially since the cartoon is very kind. And Peppa’s mumps have a large and friendly family (than not an example to follow): the mumps themselves Peppa, George her younger brother, Mom and Daddy’s pig. They also have a grandparents. Heroes of the cartoon are not only pigs. After all, they have many friends. This is and goat Gabriella, and Wendy Wolf, Mrs. Cowboy, Rabbit Rebecca, Mr. Rhinoceros and many others.

Imagine how much fun it would be if this fun company stayed at your house!

After all, you can buy a whole collection of these interesting figures.

Children love to play in school. The set includes school desks and benches. And also a blackboard. How interesting it will be for children to sit toy students in places, ask them questions and put marks.

But even the youngest children will be attracted by these figures with bright colors and cute faces.

A set of figures of Peppa’s pig family and her friends can be ordered on the Aliexpress. It will be packed in a polyurethane bag with open pores.


Peppa Pig toys George pepa pig Family friends Toys Real Scene Model Amusement park house PVC Action Figures new year pig toys

Here is a set of toys “Peppa’s Pig on the playground”, created by the famous American animated series “Peppa’s Pig”. The kit includes Peppa Pig, her brother George, Pig’s mother and father Pig and a big slide. The building is 26 centimeters wide, 50 centimeters long and 36 centimeters high. The piglets are freely placed on the slide and can slide down freely. The ride itself is quite spacious, extensive – there is a ladder for climbing, several descents (one of them is divided into two) and “slide-twist” at the side. All the details of the toy can be used in the game process.
Almost every element of the slide is painted in its own bright color, which is likely to please your children.
The characters and the slide are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The material is almost safe, but you need to make sure that your child does not bite off, eat, heat (for example, on fire or in very hot water) characters or the slide itself.
It is possible to order a slide with a set of characters from the cartoon “Pig Peppa” and in addition to piglets – for example, friends and teacher Peppa from her kindergarten. Also, along with the slide you can buy and other characters – adults, parents of animals. However, this order will come out a little more expensive.
A toy created by the popular animated series, will surely please your children (especially if they are fans of the cartoon) and will be able to borrow and entertain them and will be suitable for a child of any age. You can both play with children and give them the opportunity to develop their own imagination (which is probably a better option).
The product is brand new. Before sending the game set will be safely packaged. You will be able to get a toy without damage, safe and sound, and give it to children in its best form.


Peppa pig toys pepa pig Set Action Figure Anime Figures toys for children Cartoon toy for children Peppa pig Birthday gift

Introducing the Peppa Pig on a Picnic Game Pak. The heroine of the beloved children’s cartoon series this time gathered with her family in nature. Mom, Dad, Peppa and little George carefully prepared for the trip, taking with them everything they need: a picnic basket, and in it – food and dishes, tablecloth. The game set presented to your child will bring him unprecedented moments of joy. After all, now he can feel like Peppa, George or one of his parents. Connecting to the game housewives or guests, you can play fascinating stories. In the course of these activities, children broaden their horizons, learn new knowledge. Plot and role-playing games promote the development of speech skills and abilities. And joint family games help to create a relationship of trust between children and parents.

The four figures in the set can stand and sit, and the pens and legs move. The toy car opens the doors and trunk and the wheels rotate. The car is made in three bright colors: red, blue and pink. The compact size of the toys allows the child to take them with him or herself on trips and journeys.

Toys from this set are compatible with figures from other sets.

Peppa’s Picnic Pigs” will be a great birthday present for you and the upcoming New Year.

The product is certified and safe for children’s use.


Country: China

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 26.513.511 cm.

Height of figures: from 4 to 10.8 cm.

Colour of the machine: red, pink, blue.


Peppa Pig Ferris Wheel Set Play House Swing PVC Action Toys

Are you thinking about giving your baby a birthday present or a New Year’s Eve present? If your baby is a fan of the animated series “Peppa Pig”, the game set with his favorite characters will be a welcome gift for him! The long-awaited weekend has come, and Peppa’s piggyback has gathered with little George and parents in the parkā€¦Become a participant of this walk your child will be helped by the game set “Peppa’s piggy on the Ferris wheel”.

The set includes four toys (Peppa, George, Mom, Dad), Ferris wheel, swing, rocking horse. Pig figures can be put, planted, moved handles and legs. The wheel of a review rotates, in booths it is possible to distribute all characters. The wheel is folded and disassembled. The swing moves, the horse swings.

Bright game set will brighten up your baby’s leisure time, filling his life with new emotions. After all, now your child will not only be a spectator of the cartoon, but also will become the creator and actor of new series, played by him. In the game can take part and children who came to visit, and parents. The small size of these toys allows children to take them for a walk. Such plot and role-playing games develop speech skills, abilities and imagination of the baby, expand his horizons. And joint family games will contribute to the development of trust and understanding between parents and children.

Give the game set “Peppa’s Pig on the Ferris wheel” to your child and you will see his happy eyes!

The product is certified and made of safe plastic. Recommended for children over 3 years old.

Sold in a gift box.

Ingredients: PVC

Country: China


Peppa Pig George Friend School Desk Set Toys Piggy Teacher Action Figure Model Dolls Family Set Children High Quality Toy Gifts 3.0

Game set “Peppa pig at school” will please all the little fans of the animated series. For many years, modern guys are happy to watch and review funny stories from the life of pigs and her friends.

Now the children can not only watch the favorite characters on the TV screen, but also come up with and play out new fascinating stories. Preschoolers will be interested to feel like students and teachers, playing with figures of different animals, to visit the lessons of mathematics and grammar, drawing and literature. A large number of figures in this set will allow you to play a friendly children’s company. Adults will be interested in watching the unfolding of actions, as well as feel like students themselves by joining the game. And through the games of junior high school students, adults can get information about their school life. Such role-playing games develop creativity and imagination of kids, expand their vocabulary and outlook. Joint games between parents and children contribute to the creation of warmer and more trusting relationships in the family.

The kit includes figures of thirteen animals, this Peppa, her friends and teacher Mrs. Gazelle. Toys can stand and sit, move arms and legs. The compact size of the toys allows you to take them with you for walks and travels.

The gaming set is made of quality and safe plastic.

The product is certified.

The set includes:

13 figures
Six desks.
Six benches.
1 game board

Material: PVC

Country: China

Dimensions: 391611CM


Peppa pig toys George pepa pig Toys Car Dining Car Spring tour Action Figure Anime toys for children Party Dolls Birthday Gift

Few of the children did not watch the animated series “Peppa Pig”, telling about the daily life of mischievous piglets and their parents. What about playing with these funny characters for real? Order the Peppa’s Pig on the Car Game Pak in our store and immerse yourself in the world of adventure with these funny characters.
What’s in the kit?

You can order this set of toys in several colors:


There is also a set with a bus, which you buy and go on a picnic with your favorite characters.
If you want your child to significantly expand the flight of fancy, then pay attention to the set of characters from the animated series. The kid will be able to play with them and other toys at the same time.
The expanded set of toys is included:

a car for traveling;
A picnic set;
figures cartoon characters of the series;
Toy furniture;
A set of stickers.

All toys are made of hypoallergenic plastic. You can not fear that your child will harm their health by playing them. All car doors are firmly fixed. It will be difficult for your child to break them down.
Who will the set of toys be suitable for?

Since the toys are large enough (the height of the figures reaches 10-12 s), you can buy this set for your child from the second year of life, without fear that he will swallow or breathe in the small details.
Careful: Keep toys away from open flames.
Give your baby the joy of communicating with his favorite characters in the animated series. Order a game set “Peppa Pig” now and will be happy, receiving the long-awaited gift.


Peppa pig Toys Doll Real Scene Model Amusement park PVC Action Figures Family Member Early Learning Educational

Do you want to please your child with a great gift? Order a set of “Peppa’s Pig at Home”. This set will allow your child to create new tasks for cartoon characters.
Plunge into the world of fun adventures and immerse yourself in the daily life of fun cartoon characters.
What does the kit consist of?

The gaming set consists of the following positions:

Pig figures;
A playhouse;

All characters are very realistic. It will seem to you that you have become the hero of this funny series. Buy a game set made of high quality, hypoallergenic plastic and do not worry about the fact that your child will be poisoned and will harm their health.
The maximum height of toys is up to 144 cm. The height of the house is 20 cm.
All details are large enough. You don’t have to worry that your baby will swallow them. Toys are suitable for children from 1 to 11 years of age.
Split the figures at the table, creating an interesting situation. The child will be able to play and individual figures. Create interesting situations and develop the child’s imagination. Spend a lot of pleasant moments together with your child, enjoying the company of fairytale characters. Toys allow your child to develop logical thinking and imagination.
The set is beautifully packaged in a cardboard box. It will be a great gift for your baby for any holiday.
Make your child happy with the opportunity to touch your favorite cartoon characters. Bright, colorful figures will occupy a worthy place among his toy collection. Peppa’s piggy and her family want to come to your home faster.


Peppa pig George Family Toys Car Dining Car Spring tour Action Figure Original Anime toys for children Party Dolls Birthday Gift

The Peppa Pig George is an interesting and unusual toy in the form of a van, where Pig Peppa and all her family members can travel and have lunch together. Made of high-quality PVC plastic, the toy is practical, resistant to wear and tear, environmentally friendly and safe for children’s health.

The toy consists of a large number of details, which allows you to compose any composition and play any scene along with the characters of the cartoon. In the complete set with a toy there are following elements:

dining table;
an umbrella;
Tableware, kitchen utensils;
figurines of piglets: Peppa Pig, Papa Pig, babies;

A large number of characters will help the company of children to play an interesting story and role-playing scene. This toy not only develops logic and fantasy, but also improves the child’s communication skills, allowing him to easily find contact with peers in the game. All elements of the game are painted in bright, pleasant colors, so that children will be interested and entertaining to spend time behind this cute toy. You can order such a toy both for home use and for a group of kindergarten or camp so that children can spend their leisure time with interest and benefit.

The toy is delivered in the original packing which keeps all properties of a material during transportation. If you want to buy a Peppa Pig car game, you can do it through the catalog with delivery all over Russia. The cost of the toy is listed in the catalog in the description to the product.