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Job application reference format

Job application reference format

The Son Tay Raid was a daring mission carried out by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. On November 21, 1970, a group of special operations forces known as the Son Tay Raiders flew into North Vietnam in an effort to rescue American POWs being held at a camp located near the town of Son Tay. The mission was a joint venture between the U.S. Air Force, Army and Navy and was intended to be a surprise attack, with the aim of catching the enemy off guard and freeing the prisoners. The raiders flew from Thailand, arriving at the Son Tay camp at midnight. Using helicopters, the raiders quickly surrounded the camp and created a perimeter, then moved in to take control of the camp. The prisoners were located in two buildings, and the raiders went in to rescue them. Unfortunately, the prisoners were not at the camp and the raiders had to retreat without freeing any prisoners. Despite the fact that no prisoners were freed, the raid was considered a success. The raiders were able to confirm that the camp was being used as a POW camp, thus proving that the North Vietnamese were indeed holding American prisoners. The raid also sent a message to the North Vietnamese that the U.S. was willing to do whatever was necessary to retrieve its captured soldiers. The Son Tay Raid is considered one of the most daring missions of the Vietnam War, as well as a testament to the courage and skill of the American military. It continues to be studied by military strategists and historians as an example of a successful, albeit risky, mission.

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